Partner Visa

Australia Partner Visa

The Partner migration visa is suitable for Thai citizens who are married to their Australian partner and are in a genuine and continuing relationship. The spouse must be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen who acts as a sponsor for this category of visa.


  • You must be married to, or in a de facto (common law) relationship, with an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Your partner/spouse must sponsor you for a period of two years. After this, if the relationship is still genuine and continuing, you may be eligible for permanent residence.


  • Must be legally married to your Australian partner and sponsor or intend to legally marry your partner before a decision is made on the temporary Partner isa
  • Provide proof of your legal marriage and evidence of a mutual commitment
  • Meet the health and character requirements designated by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)
  • Provide strong proof of your genuine relationship

Application Process

Applying for a Partner visa is a two stage process, where the applicant applies for both temporary and permanent visa in one application at the same time.

Temporary Partner Visa

If you lodge your application outside Australia, you must be outside Australia when the temporary visa is granted.

If you are granted a temporary visa, you will:

  • Have permission to travel to and from Australia until a decision is made on your permanent visa application
  • Be able to work in Australia

Permanent Partner Visa

If you lodge your partner application outside Australia, you may be either in or outside Australia when the permanent visa is granted. If you lodge your application in Australia, you must be in Australia when this visa is granted.

In most cases, permanent residence cannot be granted less than two years from when you lodge your application. However, you may be granted a permanent visa without having to fulfil the usual two year waiting period if you meet certain criteria at the time of application. The two year waiting period may be waived under certain circumstances as seen by the officials.

Processing Time

12 months

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